Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Two slices is about half a pie:" SLiCE

List of "slice" related puns/cliches:
-Any way you slice it!
-A slice of heaven!
-A slice of life!
-That's the way the cookie slices.
-The slicing on the cake.

I just pulled the last two out of my ass, actually, because all the puns and cliches that include "slice" that I thought of in the shower stayed there, apparently. I was trying to think of what NOT to call this entry... but enough filler.

Last Friday, my girlfriend and I headed south on 8th Street as two hungry people. For those not in the know, there is lots of good stuff to eat in South Philadelphia. Our destination was Cosmi's Meat Market for hoagies but a.) this isn't Sandwich Prospects and b.) if you're given a few minutes and an empty stomach in the Italian Market, lunch will not end at a hoagie. We parked about a half a block away from SLiCE which has been on my "If the opportunity arises, you must try!"-list since before this blog started. In a rare show of good judgment, I wrapped up the second half of my Italian hoagie for a later date and turned my mind toward pizza.

I was really excited for SLiCE and for good reason. The slice I got was great. I'm not the biggest fan of thin crust, "legitimacy" aside. SLiCE has a pie that has a lot more to offer than a variety of crust, you know? Their ingredients deliver. This pizza is RED...

...and the sauce responsible is NICE. Kinda chunky and really garlicky. The garlic was hanging out in my mouth for awhile after which I personally find is a plus; the worse it makes my breath smell, the more I like it. Sad fact of life. This slice is shaped funny because that's how they do things at SLiCE and I like that. I initially wanted two slices, my norm, but the girl at the counter advised against it. "Two slices is about half a pie."

I have a slight problem with the pepperoni. It's the smaller, thicker kind that, again, is more legitimate but it's just not my favorite. No biggie because their menu is HUGE and I need to go back and try all their pies. And, actually, I might sweat thin crust pretty hard, but it really is a cool thing. Anyway, SLiCE has tons going for it but they don't need me to tell them that: tons of variety, killer sauce, lingering flavors, pizza cred.

1180 S. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

1740 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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  1. I love SLiCE, it's always a solid spot for me.