Saturday, May 8, 2010

Give Pizza Chance!!

Sup! Anyone go to this?

At Rocket Cat Cafe (renamed Pizza Cat Cafe, 1 night only!) in Fishtown on Friday there was a pizza themed art show/pizza party. Sounds cool right! I heard about it a couple hours before and biked over there with my bff. While we were waiting for the free pizza to come we looked around and drank some free gross wine. The art was pretty neat, there was a giant velcro pizza, free little pizza drawings, pizza clocks, and I don't remember anymore but just other pizza things, use your imagination. Rocket Cat Cafe is real cute inside and they even have some vegan treats. I'm pretty sure they have pizza bagels, mostly just coffee stuff though.
So after a while, like 15 minutes, everyone started getting restless and mumbling pizza insults. THEN the music came on and everyone came outside to see about 8 guys skateboarding up with pizza boxes in hand. The first guy fell on his ass right outside the place and everyone cheered, it was so COOL. I saw this lady ride up with about 10 boxes strapped to her bike, awesome.
Now for the actual pizza.. okay I didn't actually have any cause it was all just cheese and I don't mess with that stuff anymore BUT the free pizza was from Rustica in Northern Liberties and I heard good things. I wasn't at the event the whole time because I was getting other free food from galleries but apparently the Fishtown Pizza Truck stopped by as well. (Isn't Philadelphia the best)
All in all, preeeeetty cool-nice friendly people, pizza love in the air, beautiful Friday night, and I got what I'm pretty sure was a free shirt with a pizza on it. I kinda feel like a jerk for writing about this when I didn't even eat the pizza but whatever. Heres a link for a movie about pizza to make up for it.

"pizza is the best" -Matthew McGarvey.
Indeed Matthew

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  1. i was hoping someone would go to this and write about it!! sounds awesome, like something out of a dream. especially the part about the guys rolling up on their skateboards with the pizza. so cool.