Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Papa DaVinci's: Late night Oakland's best kept secret

I've been eating almost nothing but Papa Davinci's in Pittsburgh since my last review of Oakland's primary pizza offerings. Maybe not because it's the best quality or the most authentic, but because it's a decent value, it simply tastes good, and when you really want pizza, it's impossible to imagine why you shouldn't go to Papa D's, whether it's for a quick meal or a late night binge. I even moved into a house right across the street.

Before I go into my review, I must make mention one caveat. When ordering the standard large cheese, it can be a gamble, as they seem to not care at all about the consistency of what would seemingly be the most commonly ordered pie. That said, when the large cheese is up to par(and it mostly is), everything I'll say still applies.

The cheese on this pizza is perfect. It tastes great and has a wonderful stretchy quality that occasionally forces you to slurp it up like a spaghetti noodle. At the same time, the sauce to cheese ratio is almost perfect. It looks very appetizing when you open the box, and it doesn't disappoint when you take your first bite.

The most notable flaw, however, is the crust. It's just a bit flat, and I always feel left with a desire for something a little fluffier to dip in my ranch--which, by the way, they provide without even having to be asked, granting them bonus points. And for a large pizza that only costs $6.99 and includes a 32 oz. drink, it eventually seems unreasonable to worry about wanting something like 2 additional millimeters of crust.

A thing Papa D's does really well, if you're willing to spend the extra cash, is their gourmet pizzas. A favorite among my roommates and I is their chicken ranchero, which if you're unfamiliar with this pizza, comes topped with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, and three cheeses, with ranch instead of tomato sauce underneath the cheese. Just about every gourmet pizza Papa D's makes guarantees you an excellent pizza experience. The gourmets are slightly messy, however, which somehow makes it more delicious, but it easily turns on you if you drop a hot slice on your bare chest.

As I said before, Papa Davinci's doesn't do anything spectacular with their pizzas, they just do what they do well enough to satisfy any pizza craving anyone might develop, especially late at night.

And not to mention, I can't imagine something I'd rather eat while moping with a friend about a girl. It's something in the sauce I think.

-Nick McColey

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Want Pizza

If you thought pizza prospects was dead, you're dead wrong.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good-Ol’ Greasy Appalachia

Compared to the stomping grounds of most Philadelphia suburban youth, Parkersburg, West Virginia offers very little when it comes to good eats (especially good pizza). Growing up, I couldn’t even begin to count the many birthday parties catered to by fat, hairy men with questionable bathing habits bearing Dominos or Papa John’s delivery. However, despite the overload of chain restaurants and fast food, the simply named “Pizza Place” never failed to provide slice after slice of greasy, crispy-crusted perfection.

Quite honestly, unless you’re trying to watch your weight or strongly opposed to greasy food, you’ll find it hard to find a single fault in their classic square thick crust pepperoni pizza, which undoubtedly, is the way to go. Sorry to all you vegetarians out there, the pepperoni just completes the picture. By no means is it any less delicious, though, just ask Winthrop Stevens.

I had driven eight hours cramped inside of an AC-lacking sedan, and besides a nap and stretch of the legs, I was craving Pizza Place. After receiving our long awaited slices from behind the counter, I waited and watched as Winthrop took his first bite into thick crusted bliss. As he sank his teeth into his first slice since overpriced turn-pike Sbarro, he closed his eyes in enjoyment as he crunched his way into the most perfectly reheated crust he’d ever experienced. Unlike most places, who’s reheating of single slices often turns crust to a mediocre, chewy average, the Pizza Place’s oven, by some mysterious Pizza-God black magic, returns the crust back to its original state of fresh, made-from-scratch, awesomeness. If the jukebox (which hasn’t been updated in years) isn’t blaring, you would swear your friends brought there own Captain Crunch. A single slice of sicilian with pepperoni towers over most other thick crust pizza and would easily satisfy the craving of the most intense munchies. One of the most memorable characteristics of this pizza, however, is not only the quality of their thick, hand-cut pepperoni, but the way the delicious, artery clogging, grease sits inside the round, curled up, pepperoni like a bowl of milk after you’ve finished the cereal. And as a side note, the only people who I’ve ever seen dab the grease off with a napkin are the girls who stick their fingers down their throats and my mother (hopefully you aren’t either of those). The mere thought of altering this pizza gives me the chills.

Moving on, The Pizza Place has barely changed since the mid 90s. As mentioned, the jukebox hasn’t been updated in years. I think the most recent addition was Now! 17 (released in 2004) which leads me to believe they’ve lost the keys to open it. Nonetheless, we settled for Foghat’s Greatest Hits and a few tracks from Dookie as I finished a taste of hometown nostalgia. The classic arcade games, broken wood fireplace, and seldom-swept tile floor surrounded us, just as they did years before.

This greasy little number could easily be passed by if you’re not from the area, but after satisfying a craving nearly 4 years in the making, I was on my way. Beyond what’s already been said, there isn’t much more to say about The Pizza Place. Its cheap, its filling, its old-school, and its damn good pizza.

The Pizza Place


2208 Dudley Ave, Parkersburg, WV -(304) 485-5601

Sunday, July 4, 2010

hey pizza prospectors, check this shit out!

go to this and take pictures! I don't want to cause it costs 10 big ones for a ticket but, you totally should!

more deets here http://dev.www.southphillyreview.com/events/Pizzalympics-96310679.html

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Colorado Pizza, It's A Different Breed Out Here

I spent the last week at an elevation of 8,750 feet in the box canyon town of Telluride, Colorado. Evidently, due to its remote location it seems it may be difficult getting supplies into town. This unfortunately equals very few pizza places to choose from. I believe there are only two stores that actually sell pizza, and only one is open year round, Brown Dog pizza.

At first glance you wouldn’t be able to tell this restaurant sold anything but beverages with super high alcohol content. Even though the restaurant has “pizza” in their name, I think the main function of this business is a sports bar. Located on the main street, East Colorado Avenue, it can be easily found jammed pack with hardcore sports fans and dead heads with the munchies for pizza (luckily for them it’s only a few stores down from the local marijuana dispensary).

Sitting down, reviewing the menu, revising in my head what I’m going to tell the waitress, my dad doesn’t suggest, he tells me were getting a canadian bacon and meatball pizza. That’s probably the last kind of pizza I want to eat, right after a pizza dabbed with cigarette butts. My mom then tells me we’re getting a vegetarian pizza, and I have to beg her to get it without mushrooms; there is just something about a pizza with a fungus grown in shit on it that kind of skeeves me out, man. This really isn’t looking like im going to enjoy this pizza party, luckily the Phillies were on one of the 39 televisions pounding the Yankees asses, I could care about anything else at this point. Top of the 2nd while admiring Jason Werth’s beard, I smelt that Canadian bacon coming my way. At first glance this pizza looks like it was made by Digiorno, but I swear, it didn’t taste nearly as bad as that. I was surprised at how much I was enjoying this Canadian bacon and meatball combination. The sauce was real zesty, all though there could have been a little more of it. The mozzarella cheese had congealed to the perfect congealed-ness, and the bacon tasted really Canadian. Out of 10, I would give the foldability of the pizza around an 8, the bottom of the pizza could have been a little softer. Overall I’d give the pizza a 7.5/10. As for the vegetarian pizza, it could have used a little more meat on it. It had too many onions, and not enough sauce. The vegetarian gets a 6/10.

(Absolutely could not get this image to rotate correctly, use your imaginations!)

As for Brown Dog Pizza, it has a great location, cool logo, and awesome posters. As for the pizza, it could use a slight bit of work. “Voted best pizza in Telluride” I wouldn’t disagree since it seemed to be the only pizza I could find. I would still recommend it to the locals, or anyone in the Southwestern Region of Colorado.

Brown Dog Pizza


110 East Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO‎ -(970) 728-8046

Sunday, June 13, 2010


You are asked to babysit. You are promised extra money on the counter for delivered pizza.

On your way there, you think about what pizza place you want to order from.

You get excited when you see signs advertising deals from your favorite pizza place in town. You have made your decision.

But when you arrive at your place of babysitting, you see that the parents have already ordered the pizza. And it is from Domino's.

Question: are you upset? I sure was when this happened to me the other night.

Now is your time.
Tell your babysitting pizza story.